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The Our Way Home Peace Sculpture Series is now available. With this peace sculpture series Our Way Home organizers are helping to promote peace sculptures and peace monuments world-wide.

Sculpture #1: Artists Naomi Lewis and Denis Kleine have collaborated to make this world-class peace sculpture entitled, "Peace Sign." "Peace Sign" is 7" in width, by 10" in height. This bronzed limited edition piece is a truly clear representation and image to represent peace in our world. Cost: $1,400.00 (US funds), plus shipping and handling.

Sculpture #2: Artist Naomi Lewis has created a moving, reflective sculpture entitled, "Peace Offering." "Peace Offering is 10" in width, by 24inches in height. This bronzed limited edition sculpture is moving in both its sense of "offering and hope" for peace and its highly spiritual, reflective quality. Cost: $1,800.00 (US funds), plus shipping and handling.

A portion of the funds from your purchase will go towards the Our Way Home Reunion event scheduled for July 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2006 (*These sculptures are also available in large monument-size upon request)

Click here to see more pictures

Email info@ourwayhomereunion.com for additional information.