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"The Welcoming Peace Sculpture"

A tribute to the US immigrants that came to Canada during the Vietnam War
and to the thousands of Canadians that assisted them.

We are taking proposals throughout Canada and the US to determine final homes for both a 3ft tall and 9ft tall bronze sculpture, "The Welcoming".

Should your organisation or group be interested please provide us with the details indicating the location you have in mind, and the means you would provide for funding this internationaly recognized peace sculpture.

Please contact us with your proposal.

"The Welcoming" as envisioned, has a sixty foot Peace-Sign base of rock and pools of water, with the "3 fingered" end of the Peace-Sign indicating the journey from all parts of the US, and where the "Water Arches" indicate the US/Canadian border, where there is an American man and woman being welcomed by a Canadian with outstreached arms and welcoming hands.